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THE PATH                                               Co-Star                         Jacob Hatley

Trapped Inside                                     Supporting                  Usher Morgan

Temporarily                                          Supporting                  Elle Finn Prod

Dead Ringer                                          Co-Star                         Chris Shenkel

Difficult People                                     Co-Star                         Jeffrey Walker

Pickings                                                  Supporing                   Usher Morgan

The Checkout Line                                Lead                             Neal Broderick

Duese Police                                          Supporting                  David Catalano

Samaria                                                  Featured                      Kiel Adrian Scott

The Inbetweeners                                 Featured                     MTV Productions

Bending All The Rules                          Supporting                  Peter Knight

John And Cindy                                      Lead                            Michael Toscano

Mrs. Parks Takes A Lover                     Lead                            Morgan Faust

These Foolish Things                            Lead                            Marta Massferrer

Word Problems                                     Lead                             Justin L. Cook

Molly’s Bar                                              Lead                            Brooke Sebold

I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry      Featured                    Universal Pictures

ED                                                             Featured                    NBC 

OurBeginning.Com                                Lead                           National Superbowl





Love Is Dead                                         Betsy                              The Secret Theater

In These Shoes                                     Mom/Lead                     Producers Club

Reflections On War                              Numerous Parts           Chapter Three Theatre

Do Black Patent Leather Shoes?        Sister Lee                       Jan McArtsTheatre/Miami

Brilliant Traces                                      Rosannah Deluce         Tampa Theatre USF

Importance Of Being Earnest             Gwendolyn Fairfax       Dir: PaulMasse/Tampa


NYC TRAINING and Intensives

Terry Schreiber- On Going

Ross Meyerson- Intensive

June Stein- Master Acting Class

James Calleri- Master Intesive

Kathleen Turner-Master Class

Susan Aston- Master Acting Class



University Of South Florida                              Florida SchoolOf The Arts     

BA Theatre                                                          AA Musical Theatre


SPECIALSKILLS :, Singing, Balloon Animals, Snow&Water skiing, Lover of Football, Hockey and Baseball, Bartender on Wall Street(20 yrs), Character Actor, Improv,

Southern Accent, NYC  Hotel Concierge


Brand Name 1    Role Name    Director Name – AAA Productions
Brand Name 2    Role Name    Director Name – BB Productions
Brand Name 3    Role Name    Director Name – V Productions
Brand Name 4    Role Name    Director Name – F Productions

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